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Dear Rummikubers,

Welcome to our site , we hope you will enjoy this site as much as you enjoy playing Rummikub.
You are welcome to browse in our History section and learn how Rummikub evolved over the years.
Or Visit our newsroom and learn all about the latest News from Rummikub.

Here are some facts that not many know…

  • Rummikub is also known as the Original Rummikub
  • To win Rummikub one must use up all of his/her tiles by putting out runs or
  • groups, or adding on to other player’s sets.
  • Rummikub contains 106 tiles numbered from 1 to 13, that are in four different colors that are generally red, black, yellow or orange and blue, and two jokers.
  • Rummikub has been for popular game for over 50 years and has won six ‘game of the year’ awards during that time.
  • Fun way to learn Math’s
  • Holland has won the most World Rummikub Championships, winning the championships three times.
    There are 18 editions of Rummikub put out by Lemada Light Industries, the manufacturers of Rummikub.